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Cross Chain Smart Contracts – made easy!

Choose from a curated list, then customize and deploy the contract on your favorite blockchain

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Leverage the simplicity of our friendly interface to deploy any contract form a curated portfolio and deploy on the blockchain of your choice.



CryptoBrick allows everyday business actors to leverage secure, peer-reviewed smart contracts on different blockchains, hassle-free

Choose from a curated, secured, peer-reviewed portfolio of smart contracts

Contracts are public and final. No security issues that lead to loss of capital!

Configure each contract instance in a clear, user-friendly interface

Leverage on our friendly wizard to void the complexity of smart contracts.

Deploy contracts on your desired blockchains, hassle free

Out platform is chain agnostic. Just choose the preferred ledger and deploy.

Choose from a curated list of oracles, or create new ones using custom adapters

Contracts can query Oracles and react to real time events.

Be part of our marketplace.

Users can draft peer-reviewed smart contracts and monetize from them.

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Advanced IDE for testing Smart Contract.

Deployment of smart contracts error-free with our advanced testing IDE

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BRIK in summary

The following table summarise the information on BRIK token:

Token type Utility token (not security)
Token total supply 1.520.000.000,00
Token distributed in ICO 950.000.000,00
Symbol BRIK
Decimal 18
Estimated initial value $0.05
Blockchain for crowdfunding Ethereum
Blockchain for exchange Ethereum
Cryptocurrency accepted during ICO Bitcoin

Token distribution

  • ICO
  • Team
  • Advisors
  • Direct marketing
  • Bounty campaign
  • Reserve
  • Loyalty pool

Funding allocation

  • Legal and Administration
  • Platform Development
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations


Imaginary obstacles are insurmountable. Real ones aren’t.

M1 - Q1 2018
Everything start with a Proof of Concept. And we already have one.
Proof of Concept!
M2 - Q4 2018
  • Integration with Metamask wallet.
  • Foundation of our smart contract template library.
  • User friendly interface to manage contract life-cycle. Deployment of smart contract on Ethereum.
  • Creation of platform utilities (user management, SSO & 2FA, analytics, audit).
  • Alfa Release for selected users only.
M3 - Q2 2019
  • Improving the Smart Contract Template library.
  • Adding to the library a foundation of Oracles.
  • Creation of the BRICK Wallet.
  • Basic marketplace for certified partner.
  • Atomic Swap Integration.
  • Beta1 release (selected users).
M4 - Q4 2019
  • Enached Smart Contract Template Library.
  • Reputation Protocol & Rating System.
  • Arbitration Protocol & Arbiter Pool Dashboard.
  • Certified Partner distributed ledger.
  • For Enterprise (REST API, advanced Dashboard).
  • Deployment of Smart Contract on NEO (NEP5 standard).
  • Beta2 public release.
M5 - Q1 2020
  • Establishment of a partners network offering services for developers (ecosystem).
  • Mobile Application.
  • Launch of advanced IDE contract testing services.
  • Integration with hardware wallets.
  • Public Release 1.
Going Public.
M6 - Q3 2020
  • Collaboration tool for custom built smart contract.
  • Loyalty Program.
  • Public Release 2.

Frequently asked question

Feel free to contact us if you can’t find an answer for your question here.

Can I participate in the private sale?
Of course you can. Register through the appropriate form and after a careful examination of your data to guarantee your protection, we will revert back to you with the relevant information.
Do I need an Ethereum wallet to purchase BRIK token?
Yes, you do need a ERC20 compliant wallet in order to be able to buy BRIK token from us. Our BRIK token smart contract is in charge to send the tokens to your wallet address.
Is there a preferred Wallet to use?
There are a lot of reliable wallets out there. You may choose MetaMask Wallet, MyEtherWallet or any other Ethereum Wallet you feel comfortable to use, taking care they support ERC20 standard. CriptoBrick will also support its own Wallet from release M2.
Why CriptoBrick?
Smart Contracts are HARD. It’s hard to fully understand the blockchain concepts they are built on, it’s harder to learn writing them right, it’s even harder to make them safe and bug free. At the same time, more and more makers and entrepreneurs are designing products and services based on them, and we think the trend is only accelerating, thus the need to lower the entry barriers.
What is CryptoBrick?
CryptoBrick is a cross-chain platform to build well defined, secured, configurable Smart Contracts and make their life cycle easily manageable. Users can visually choose and define features, options and oracles they need by searching and scrolling through a curated catalogue of domain specific Smart Contracts. The platform deals with the code creation, the wiring, the consistency and the deployment, even across different blockchain technologies. Ancillary operational activities such as name resolution acquisition and usage monitoring are also fully managed.


Get to know CryptoBrick.


Meet the Team...

...that made CryptoBrick possible

Alessandro Rindaldi

Alessandro Rinaldi

CEO & Co-Founder

Alessandro Rinaldi

The one word to describe him would be serial entrepreneur. Between other things, he is the founder of a leading digital marketplace in the Middle East and the founder of Peekaboox a SaaS platform to enhance SME productivity. He is Interested in cyber security and the technology behind distributed systems long time before they became mainstream. Holds a degree in computer science and an Executive MBA.

Ivan Pironi

Ivan Pironi

CMO & Co-Founder

Ivan Pironi

Ivan holds a Master of Science in Engineering and since those days he has always worked in the IT industry. He has always been interested in upcoming edge technologies and for this reason he is a true believer on the potential of Blockchains. Ivan is a great advocate of Cryptocurrency and for this reason he founded, a portal that promotes the Crypto world for the italian community.

Elvio Carini

Elvio Carini

UI/UX Director

Elvio Carini

Elvio studied New Media Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and then graduated with a Master’s degree in Sound Design at Leeds Beckett University. Since then he has worked as a freelancer, covering a wide spectrum of roles in multimedia production and design, from graphic design and art direction to sound and video editing.

Option Factory

Option Factory

IT Advisor

Option Factory

OptionFactory is a consultancy Company specialized in Software Development and Operations, helping both larger Companies and Start-ups build and grow products, services and platforms faster and better. OptionFactory top notch team has cross-functional competences, a polyglot background and apply lean principles and practices to reclaim control on projects and become aware of available choices before customer base and complexity ramp up and get unmanageable. Core domains: high availability and high performance systems; distributed systems.

Neil Yeoh

Neil Yeoh


Neil Teoh

Neil holds a Masters of Business Administration from Oxford University, and works as a portfolio manager from New York for early-stage start-ups across the globe. Prior, he was a management consultant for KPMG & Accenture with a background in robotics engineering and international business. He is passionate about the intersection of start-ups, investing, and advisory support to incubate disruptive innovations to better the world.